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Vocabulary for
Wood Industry

Project Vetwood Products and Results

Вy the end of the project, in September 2011, the following products will be available:

  1. 1. Interactive multimedia product for e-learning of vocational English language which will include:
    • Theoretical training modules covering the following key topics: tree structure, tree species, wood properties, wood defects and abnormalities, drying wood, woodworking machines, wood processing technologies, wood-based panels, hazardous and harmful factors, occupational safety and health issues in Woodworking Industry;
    • Training module based on Case Studies;
    • Tests on the theoretical training modules;

2. Students' Book corresponding to the topics, included in the multimedia product, with multilingual glossary of terms (English, Bulgarian, Greek, Swedish, Slovak and German language);

3. Teacher's Notes;

4. Case Studies Book - case studies on the developed training modules;

5. Test Book - tests on the theoretical training modules;

6. Training of targeted groups: vocational college students, university students and professionals in Woodworking Industry;

7. Project website with continually updated information, information brochure.

The outcomes of the project will be applicable in vocational college schools, universities and any short-term or long-term vocational training of woodworking company staff and as training materials for lifelong learning for individuals employed in the woodworking industry sector. The project products will be available to self-learners of vocational English or as a distance-learning tool since all project products will be uploaded on the VETWOOD website.

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